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Syllabus - World History

Instructor: Connie Sutter-Roemer

Location: Room 11

Requirements: This two semester course is required for all 12th grade students (.5 unit per semester)

Texts:                              World History (Perspectives on the Past) by Keager, Neill & Jantzen

Additional articles, excerpts, etc. to enhance students' learning

Course Description:

Students will examine the history of civilization from the first appearance of humans to the present day during this year-long course. Emphasis is placed on cultures and the people who make up the various empires of the world. They will see how historical events (such as migrations, conflicts, wars, resolutions, political upheavals, epidemics,invasions have made the world what it is today.


Grades will be based on daily assignments, projects, tests, and final exams. NO extra credit will be given unless all regular work has been completed and turned in on time. The grading scale for this class is the same as my other classes.


While students are allowed a certain number of absences (see students handbook), I would strongly discourage missing class. Attendance can affect students' grades since they would be missing lectures and class discussions (which most assignments and tests are taken from).

Unit 1

Course Outline

-Pre History

-Fertile Crescent

-Ancient Egypt, China, India

Unit 2

-Ancient Greece

-Peloponnesian War

-Alexander the Great

Unit 3

-Roman Republic

-Roman Empire

Unit 4

-Byzantine Empire

-Islam Origins

-Turkish Empire

Unit 5




-Middle ages

-William the Conqueror


-Asia in the Middle Ages

Unit 6

-Nation -States

-Black Death

Unit 7



Unit 8



-Elizabethan Age

-Scientific Revolution


Unit 9



-American Revolution

Unit 10

-French Revolution


-Video Project

Unit 11

-Congress of Vienna

-Industrial Revolution

-Franco-Prussian War


-U.S. Expansion

Unit 12

-Russian Revolution


Unit 13

-Great Depression

-Rise of Fascism


Unit 14

-Cold War

-Korean War

-Vietnam War

Unit 15

-Recent World History