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Syllabus - World Geography


Instructor: Connie Sutter-Roemer

Location:    Room 11

Texts:         World Geography by Richard G. Boehm                                    


          National Geographic Magazine


                   Rand McNally World Facts & Maps

Course Description:

This one year course is an elective for high school students.  Students will study the physical, cultural, political and economic geography in two phases.  First, they will study the earth and its people. Secondly, they will conduct a closer study of individual countries using the Five Themes of Geography:

1.  Location                            4.  Region

2. Place                                   5.  Human / Environment Interaction

3. Movement

Grading Scale:

 Same as my other courses (see Student Handbook)

Course Outline:

     Unit 1  Looking at the World & Basic Geography Skills

     Unit 2   U.S. and Canada

     Unit 3  Latin America (Central & South America)


     Unit 4  Europe

     Unit 5  Russia and the Eurasian Republics

     Unit 6  North Africa and Southwest Asia (aka the Middle East)

     Unit 7  Africa South of the Sahara

     Unit 8  South Asia

     Unit 9  East Asia

     Unit 10  Southeast Asia

     Unit 11  Australia, Oceania and Antarctica