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Syllabus - U. S. History 9

Instructor: Connie Sutter-Roemer

Location: Room 11

Textbook: "The Americans" by Danzer, et al


This two semester course is requires of all 9th grade students. We begin with Reconstruction and cover events up to the present day. Emphasis is placed on historical study, including literature from each era. Students connect the Core Democratic values and concepts as part of the historical inquiry process.

1. Grades will be based on daily notes, assignments, projects, tests, and final exams.

2. The grading scale is the same as for my other courses.

3. While you are allowed a certain number of absences (see student handbook), I would strongly discourage missing class. Poor attendance will affect your grade since you would be missing lectures, as well as class discussions.

Course Outline:

Unit 1- Reconstruction & Westward Expansion

Unit 2 - U.S. Imperialism

Unit 3 - World War I

Unit 4 - Between Wars

Unit 5 - World War II

Unit 6 - Cold War to Present Day