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Syllabus - Science 7th Grade

1st 9 Weeks

What is Science?

Solving Problems

Introduce Leaf Collection/Insect Collection

Traits and the Environment

Environmental Impact Over Time

Genetic Traits and Their Impact on You

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineered Food

Lab/Draw a Cell

Interactions of Human System

How Your Body Works Human System Report


Karyotype Lab

Biome Project

Abiotic Factors

Cycles in Nature

Energy Flow

The Natural History of Birds

Extreme Climates

3rd 9 Weeks

Life and Geologic Time

Early Earth History

Middle and Recent Earth History

Sun, Moon, Earth System

Exploring the Moon

Solar System

Inner Planets

Outer Planets

Lab UFO's

How Did the Universe Form?

3D Solar System

The Suns Layers

Evolution of Starts

Galaxies and the Universe

Pioneers in Radioactivity

Periodic Table


2nd 9 Weeks

How Ecosystems Change


Aquatic Ecosystems

Creating Wetlands to Purify Water

Pangaea: Sea Floor Spreading


Introduction to Earthquakes


Earthquake Report


Relative Ages of Rock

Absolute Ages of Rock


4th 9 Weeks

Why do Atoms Combine?


Egg Car Competition

Work and Power

Simple Machines

Compound Machines

Pulley and Machine Lab

Electric Charge

Electric Current

Electric Circuits


Electricity and Magnetism

Electric Motors