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Syllabus - Government


Connie Sutter-Roemer


Room 11

Requirements: This semester course is required for all 10th grade students (.5 units)


U. S. Government - Democracy in Action by Richard C. Remy

A Citizen's Guide to State Government by the Michigan State Legislature

In Our Defense, The Bill of Rights in Action by Ellen Alderman & Caroline Kennedy

A Place at the Table Struggles for Equality in America by Teaching Tolerance Organization

Course Description:

This one semester course prepares students to become responsible citizens. Students will gain an understanding of our Core Democratic Values by learning about the purpose of government (federal, state, and local). Students will also learn about the ideas of American democracy, democracy in action, American policies and involvement in world affairs. The course includes in-depth study of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Grading Scale: Same as in my other classes


While students are allowed a certain number of absences (see student handbook), I would strongly discourage missing class. Attendance can affect students' grades since they would be missing lectures and class discussions (from most assignments and tests are taken).

Course Description

Unit 1

Course Outline

Course Overview

-What is Government?

Forms of Government

Unit 2

Development of Government

-Magna Carta

-Declaration of Independence

-Constitution overview

Unit 3

Federal System


-Government Expansion

-Evolving Government


Unit 4

Civil Liberties

-First Amendment

Unit 5

Justice System

-Due Process

Unit 6

Civil Rights


-Public Opinions

Unit 7

Legislative Branch


-Legislative Process

Unit 8

Executive Branch

-Electoral College


Unit 9

Judical Branch

-Federal Courts

-Supreme Court

Unit 10

State & Local Government